Image not found delete thisStellar Homes was started in 2005 by Mr. K. Srinivas Murthy as a modest land development company. Beginning initially with own lands, the proprietorship concern partnered with other developers to promote residential layouts. Pursuing rapid growth, Stellar Homes accumulated the required expertise to launch its own exclusive projects like Apartment projects and residential layouts. Today Stellar Homes has a solid land bank and venturing into Hospitality, Clubs, Spa, Resorts and Entertainment.

Stellar Homes is among the very few companies to operate with a unique mission of being “High on quality and low on cost”, a commitment that has redefined the entire real estate industry. All Stellar Homes projects reflect the simple philosophy of Luxury, Ideal Location and Affordability for the benefit of the large segment of the buying populace.
By Luxury we mean providing all amenities incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Ideal Location is self explanatory and we strive to ensure all our projects offer proximity to amenities essential for good living. As for Affordability we work to ensure our costing is comparatively lesser and surprisingly affordable.
Cosmopolitan in its attitude and quality conscious in its approach, the Stellar Homes portfolio encompasses residential complexes and plots, villas, row houses and farm houses. While consciously seeking out the quiet solitude on the city's fringes, Stellar Homes is careful to identify locations that are within commutable distance of most amenities and good returns on investments properties.
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We at Stellar Homes want to erase this myth that quality housing is not affordable and in the reach of the salaried classes. We strive to make these properties available at surprisingly modest costs to those working Professionals/ Entrepreneurs, the true contributors to the progress of modern India.
The vision is to make luxury affordable for the common buyer by pushing the limits of innovation and technology.
Stellar Homes pursues a philosophy of maintaining complete transparency. The buyer can rest assured of 100% compliance of all legal requirements as prescribed by the authorities from time to time. Every stage of the transaction is clearly benchmarked and the acknowledgements are received to ensure complete satisfaction.

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